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Compliance and Conformity

  • Licena group prides itself in operating within the corporate and regulatory framework of our industry and the jurisdiction of the locations where we operate.

  • Our close relationships with investors and banks means this is a core pillar of our license to operate.

  • This function and our Licena compliance program is led by our Regulatory Compliance Officer as a key focus of the company.

  • This also forms a significant part of our risk management strategy of the company

  • We see this as a unique advantage of why people will work with licena group.

  • HR compliance: Upholding rigorous HR policies and practices to ensure fair and ethical treatment of employees.

  • Financial compliance: Adhering to strict financial regulations and standards, ensuring transparency and accountability in all financial transactions.

  • Data compliance: Safeguarding sensitive data through stringent data protection measures and compliance with privacy regulations.

  • Health and safety compliance: Prioritizing the well-being and safety of employees by strictly following health and safety regulations and implementing robust safety protocols.

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